DTK Software Licensing


Each software developer building applications based on DTK Software components requires a Developer License. The Single Developer License is suitable for single developer, the Developer Team license - for team up to 4 developers.

Runtime licenses (DTK Barcode Reader SDK and DTK LPR SDK only)

To distribute DTK Software components on computers or mobile devices you need to purchase Runtime Licenses. You need one runtime license per computer/device. The cost per license depends on the number of runtime licenses purchased and the type of DTK Software product. A flexible target volume pricing is offered.

Server licenses (DTK Barcode Reader SDK only)

One Server License required per application server. "Application Server" is defined as a non-user computer, that is used for automated unattended processing or configured with the intention of multiple people accessing it for any kind of service that has SDK libraries loaded into the server's RAM. Use of this software requires one license per server. An additional server requires an additional Server License. If the server computer have a Server license, then the Runtime license is not required for this server.